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Friendship City Promotion

North American City Branding Conference

Top Western has organized/assisted holding a number of cultural exchange events to promoting international communication among different countries and places. The company has earned quite a good reputation on this. Through years of hardworking, Top Western hope the company can contribute to spreading Chinese cultural all over the world, as well as to increase the business cooperation between China and the whole world.
1.    Road Show Type
£¨a£©Image Promotion
£¨b£©Tourism Project Introduction
£¨c£©Quality Industry Promotion
£¨d£©Investment Inviting
£¨e£©Education Institute Promotion
£¨f£©Talent importation

2.    Participators
Host: Top Western Cultural Exchange, Canada Asia Business Network
VIP: Chinese Ambassadors and Consular to North America; North American Politician
Media: Local TV, Radio, Newspaper, Internet media etc.
Chinese Exhibitors£ºAll level Chinese government, HR Bureau, Tourism Bureau, Economy & Trade Bureau, China Merchants, Education Bureau and school representatives, Hi-tech Development Zone, Pioneer Park, and industrial Zone.
Canadian Exhibitors£ºNorth American local government, related company representatives, important project managers, investment companies, education institute, individual investors.

3. Content
¡¡¡¡£¨1£©Interactive communication. The conference site has set up presentation zone for public presentation making, display zone for material and sample demonstration, and meeting zone for in field discussion. Every participator could enjoy fully interactive communication with visitors.
¡¡¡¡£¨2£©follow-up service. External meeting has been set up based on participators¡¯ needs to help on further communication. The host has provided high quality follow-up service to oversea participators, and dedicated to the success of the cooperation.