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Company Introduction

Since established in 1999, Top Western Culture Exchange Inc. has dedicated itself to promote professional, political and cultural interactions between Canada and China.

Our services include:
Related to the government official meetings, friendship and sister cities establish, and economic development cooperation, etc.
Related to association communicative meetings, international economic and trade exchanges, tradeshow, new technology introduction, and multilateral investment cooperation, etc.

Educational exchange program and advanced training, summer camps, diverse training courses, and business trips related to private school visits, real estate, financial topics etc.

As a bridge of friendship, economic and cultural development between Canada and China, Top Western Cultural Exchange Inc was invited by Canadian Government to visit China with former Prime Minister Martin. After years of development, in 2013 Top Western Cultural Exchange Inc. had a constructive meeting and picture with Canadian Prime Minister Harper and minister of immigration and Niche.

Advantages industry position:
 Nation union membership of Canadian Manufacturers Export
 Members of Board Trade Department in Great Vancouver area
 Members of Board Trade Department in Surrey
 Members of Canadian Good Business Department
 National members of CCBC
 International communicate companies between Canada and China, approved by Canadian embassy in China and Commerce Department
 Sales agents of China CCPIT Shanghai Branch overseas exhibition
 Foreign affairs director of Canada Council for the promotion of international economic and cultural department